“The messenger may be Silver, However, the message may be Gold”


Who are we

Should a science that cannot explain why I am alive be reliable ? Health Panaceas LLC is not a hospital, we have no Medical ¬†doctors on our staff, we deal with no medicines. It’s a dangerous thing to treat someone ill with no knowledge of the dietetics of man, its even worse to treat someone ill with no knowledge of man, what man is, or why man is alive. The autocracy loves darkness, Health Panaceas LLC would be the solar platform which we stand on and disseminate light as the creator destine one to do.

A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid itJean de la Fontaine

About the Author

Student of the laws of creation, hygienist, shaktic and tantric yoga, breatharianism, hinduism, ancient civilizations, dietetics, occultism, numerology, biochemistry, sociology, and color therapy. I am not a man of many words other than what you learn from my articles or videos, I care not for the fame or to be some exhibit for curiosity seekers, this is destiny being fulfilled.

“More than half of all great remedies known to medical history have come from empiricists…’irregulars’…of no or little scientific training. There is no reason to believe that conditions have essentially changed – Alexis Carrell