Fasting the secrets of longevity

Fasting the secrets of longevity and self healing

Fasting, the word that gives some people a heart attack; not literally but some people actually believe they will die if they go without food for weeks. Eating is a pleasurable experience, taste bud satisfying, and brings joy to the senses. What if it’s more of a habit than one actually being hungry? According to the dictionary starvation is the result of a severe or total lack of nutrients needed for the maintenance of life. The author has fasted two weeks on different occasions and has seen documented proof of others who have fasted just as long or longer without eating any food that provide nourishment for growth or health and have not experienced starvation. Americans don’t know what it means to starve we are surrounded by food venues like an island is surrounded by water. The average American eats with his eyes and with all this nourishing food supposedly supplying us we should be the healthiest longest living people in the world.
In Okinawa, Japan where’s there is not much of this nourishing food we have here in America the life expectancy is 86 years of age with 34.7 centenarians to every 100,000 people compared to only ten for every 100,000 Americans. When studies were conducted on their diets many of the centenarians avoided the nourishing foods in America and practice frugal feeding.
Take the time to look at a few people who have been documented historically eating no food at all, zip, and nada. Therese Neumann of Bavarian, Germany went 36 years with no food shouldn’t she have died in the first year of starvation. Prahlad Jani of India says he has not eaten food or had anything to drink since 1940. There are several others I can reference and explain how this is possible but I shall save that for another article and continue on the topic of fasting.
All wounds and cuts heal themselves no band aid or chemical paste is needed, this shows that the organism is self-healing. Blood cleansing takes place during a fast this improves the healing qualities of the blood, therefore wounds heal even faster during a fast. Many laboratory investigations proved that the white cell blood count decreases and the red blood cells increase during a fast. What we call meat on the bones, what some may call healthy is really foreign waste that cannot be used but only remains as obstruction to weaken, poison, and bring on diseases in the body. The loss of weight during a fast is elimination of excess waste, fat, toxins, and sometimes medicines as old as 15 years or more. If you have ever experienced nausea, headaches, nervousness suddenly; the cause could be the old medicines are in circulation.
Constant eating of the wrong foods or over eating put much strain on the vital organs, during the fast these organs rest and repair; good health depends on the normal operation of all organs. Whenever there is trouble in one organ there will be trouble in another, the failure of one puts the strain on another. The university of Chicago department of physiology showed that a two week fast restored the tissues of a man of forty to physiological condition of a youth at 17. I can reference several cases where patients were cured from fasting but by now you should get the point.
Fasting is another form of self-healing that only shines light on those who have been cured; you can also die if fasting is not done correctly. Yes, there is a scientific method to fasting. The author could tell if one is experienced at conducting a fast by what he advises to be the meal to break the fast with. The wrong food after a long fast can cause extreme conditions or even death; heavy meals have killed people breaking a fast. The author does not believe in conducting extremely long fast to heal, but periodical fast and also uses it as a diagnosis to decide what treatment is necessary for a patient. Preparation must be taken before deciding to fast and each condition may vary between one and another.
As the author mentioned above fasting is an elimination process also, if the waste in circulation becomes too great to bear the fast must be broken with the proper food. The proper food has a laxative effect. Inexperienced men have fail to cure many by not properly conducting a fast, fasting is not disease proof if one returns to his ways of wrong foods, taking medicine, bad habits, unfavorable conditions bad health will once again reoccur. The author recommends that you seek the care of an experienced physician when deciding to fast and utilize some of the info in this article.

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