Food mixing, origins of bad health

During the holidays Americans all over the country get together to enjoy time with their loved ones. Appetites are surely mental; I’m sure you have pictured your favorite foods anxiously waiting on the time to come to devour them. The best and worst thing about this occasion is you may have more than one chef; so there are plenty of different foods on the kitchen counters. I recall those times, the plate to be exact; macaroni, ham, green peas, dressing, cake, dirty rice, yams, etc. I would literally have all these foods on one plate eating until I couldn’t any more.
Ignorance is truly bliss, eating is a pleasurable experience temporarily changing any negative moods. Common experiences after feasting are diarrhea, stomach aches, gas, and sometimes vomiting. Why does this happen? Over eating, food mixing, wrong food, alcohol, and the drinking of liquids with foods. If you ever received a meal plan from some dietician you may be puzzled as now, their medicinal meal plans for curing diseases fail because of too much food mixing and nourishing foods.
Food digestion is a mainly a chemical process, there are five digestive fluids used in the process of digestion. The digestive fluids are saliva, pancreatic juices, intestinal fluids, bile, and gastric juices. Each fluid is used to digest a different food element and it is not possible for many chemical processes to go on in the stomach at the same time with any amount of proficiency. The power of the juices also depends on the food. Let’s say you eat some potatoes: then a steak, potatoes are starchy and starch digestion begins with saliva fluids which contain ptyalin. The digestive juices used to digest the steak are acidic and destroys ptyalin, now you have no starch digestion which leads to fermentation, putrefaction, and toxemias.
On the Health Panaceas website the author list the 14 rules of eating these should be utilized to avoided mixing the wrong foods. Eating correctly is very boring, whenever eating becomes too fun I can assure you there will be consequences. All animals have a specific food to eat; nature has dietetic laws. Have you ever seen a lion hunt a gazelle then mix it with a hyena and hippo? How many animals have you seen cook food? How many animals have you seen seasoned food? In the animal kingdom disease does not exist, animals with diseases have been domesticated by man. Animals intuitively follow the dietetic laws. These laws are uncooked, unseasoned, unmixed food being the natural food for man; this is why eating is boring. I’ve often been seen among coworkers just eating a cucumber alone and asked are you going to put season on that.
In the article “soup not the cure for the sick,” I mentioned the importance of not drinking while eating or after; you should wait at least four hours to drink any liquids. Liquids wash away gastric juices causing the food matter to sit longer; this is the beginning of acidosis. Acidosis happens when the alkaline elements in the blood are lowered but the acid content rises. The end product of digestion is either acid or alkaline, alkaline is life, and too much acid is disease then finally somatic death.

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