The human heart experience

The human heart experience the human heart experience

Inside of the bag we call the pericardium, we find the heart that’s about the size of your hand or at average four inches in diameter and six inches long.
The heart shows the functioning power of the nerve force, the nerves in the walls of the pulmonary artery drive the blood into the lungs where the purification process takes place. The two theories I intend to prove that are wrong is the heart being a pump and the house of love. The heart is a valve it has, at least, six valves, wonder why this is so. Those valves are the tricuspid valve which are three valves, aortic valve, pulmonary valve, and the mitral valve. The medical establishment says the heart is the muscular organ of the circulatory system that constantly pumps blood throughout the body. Through circulating blood, you can control the heart so how can we logically say that the heart controls the circulation. When walking at a normal pace the heart beats at a normal rhythm, but once that pace is increased from running the heart begins to beat faster due to increased air pressure. The medical men also know that a stimulating poison such as meat can increase the speed of the heart but medicine like beta blockers can slow down the heart rate. Once again the heart is being manipulated by circulation. The arteries which are the air carriers were always found empty and filled with air after death leading the medical men to believe that it was air that flowed through these tubes and naming them so. The blood in the arteries was emptied by air pressure, the reader can also see Dr. Wm.Harveys’ circulation experiments for studies. If the reader is not convinced by now, the reader should also think about the claim that the heart beats nonstop, but also not true between heart beats the heart gets 15 hours of rest in every twenty-four-hour period.
We say the heart is the house of love then what houses are the other emotions in? Do I feel anger in my kidneys, do I feel happiness from my lungs, do I feel aroused from my pancreas? Is it that feeling around the solar plexus where chakras are located that I really feel something? Why is it that when the mind is constantly busy heartbreak is easier to deal with, you just reflect months later and be like what heartbreak? The mind has so many compartments which make me believe that we love from the brain, to be exact the part we call the sanctum sanctorum. The sense organs respond to external stimuli by conveying impulses to the sensory nervous system, these nerves are called the afferent nerves. The mind must first interpret the messages before any action in the body can take place such as the heartache if you caught your lover cheating. The nerve force is cosmic electricity, the same as lighting which is why you can walk without thinking about your legs and feet, the messages are sent super quick. The ear does not hear a sound until the auditory nerves carry the sound to the hearing center where that sound is reported to the intellectual center located at the front of the brain; hearing is also done mentally.

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