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I’m sure we all are aware of the meaning of the word menstruation. Hidden in plain sight is the causes of this monthly hemorrhage now affecting modern women; well atleast half of it. Aristotle a greek philosopher and scientist perceived menstruation as a sign of female inferiority. In Aristotle’s “On the Generation of Animals,” he asserts that when it comes to the contribution of reproduction, the female is a passive matter whereas the male is an active matter (Borresen, 1995). But on the contrary in the beginning of human existence on earth the female reproduced herself parthenogentically; this is a form of reproduction when an unfertilized egg develops into a new person, it’s like a cloning process. All throughout the kingdoms of mammals and nature the female sex is superior to the male species. In so called civilization is the only place we find this supremacy to be lost. The first two months in the womb the male is protected by being virtually indistinguishable from a female. All embryos in the early stages are female until androgen changes the sex into male. The clitoris overdevelops into a penis but remains the same organs. No woman is all woman and no man is all man, every male or female has in him/her a gland or organs of the other sex in atrophied and rudimentary state. These are known facts in science that were once buried, one later to be dug up by a woman named Mary Jane Sherfey. Sigmund fraud, I mean Freud was the first of the medical men to dismiss this fact claiming that the clitoris was a masculine rudimentary organ.
One of the most prevalent theories of menstruation comes from Hippocrates. Hippocrates was a Greek physician during the BC era. Hippocrates purported that the fermentation in the blood precipitated menstruation because women were unable to rid themselves of their impurities in their menstruation through sweat alone. In the present day this theory is recognized as having no establishment in fact. A New York gynecologist named Dr. Frank says menstruation bloods contains six times the concentration of sex hormones then is in normal circulation, and it is the 3 decades of this terrific loss that brings on menopause. Another gynecologist at the University of John Hopkins says that the blood lost during menstruation is as pure as the blood anywhere else in the body and the loss of it is devitalizing and harmful. Biological actualities are methodically ignored in the amenity of established ideologies.
The profession of medicine and its medical men are continuing the work of religion. These medical men didn’t have the balls to go against their own sex and liberate women from menstruation or inform them of the conditions that cause it as I attend to do in this article; one day I may have a daughter and physiological emancipation must happen before social emancipation. The person who commits the crime will be the last one to admit it. The priesthood of the past superstitious beliefs of eve’s transgressions in genesis; the eating of an apple that supposedly violated gods’ commands leading to a penalty of menstruation on women forever. The Old Testament contains the first historical writings on the subject of menstruation. The writers of this book considered menstruation as a diseased condition, the women unclean and were confined until the menstruation ceased. The patriarchs of this time practiced polygamy so they easily replaced their wives, if she were menstruating. The religious fathers of the early church ministries continuously reminded women that they were the reason for all that is evil in humanity and themselves. The priest were psychological hypnotize, “each of you are eves, the devils gateway, shame of the father,” these hypnotical utterances were the vilest vituperations on women.
Let’s open our bibles and turn to the parables of Leviticus then to exodus. “But if she bears a maid child, then she shall be uncleaned two weeks, as in her separation; and she shall continue in the blood purifying three score and six days.”-lev. 12:1-5 According to the parable women were being punished by doubling the unclean days for bearing a maid child. “If his master have given him a wife, and she have born him sons or daughters, the wife and her children shall be her master’s, and he shall go out by himself.” –Ex 21:4 how can we believe that god would authorize the slavery of women and children? These are the traditional beliefs of the Old Testament the testament that had women stoned for chastity but rendered no punishment for men for the same crime. I could continue to pull several more parables that enslaved women but for the sake of not being redundant and staying on subject, I digress. With castigatory of religious ideologies a small number of people can rule many. The crime men have ignored is sexual abuse of women producing a state of uterine engorgement, hypertrophy, congestion, and hyperemia which has become a hereditary condition that plagues women till modern day.
Health issues from menstruation
A New England gynecologist named Dr. Shoyer says that myomas are related to menstruation due to the fact that myomas never occur in females before menstruation or after menopause. Myomas and menstruation also show relation due to the fact that both depend on the thickening of the uterine mucous lining and inflammation. A myoma is a tumor formed of muscle tissue. Females have larger thyroid glands than males; her larger gland has one more lobe than the males. The thyroid gland regulates iodine rich hormones which control the advancement of brain cells. One reason menstruation is draining to the females organism is a loss of iodine during menstruation. During iodine deficiencies the thyroid gland tends to swell just as it tends to do during menstruation. Iodine is only one of the vital substances losses during menstruation; another is calcium which is a stabilizer of the nervous system resulting in the feeling of nervousness. Pathological symptoms affecting the nervous system usually occur during the premenstrual period; leucorrhea also known as the white menses. Menstruating blood encompasses 30 times more calcium then is found in the normal circulation of blood flow, calcium is important for bone growth this explains the reason women are smaller in stature. In ancient tribes such as the Papuans, Teutonic, Bosjesmans, Wateita, and Andomis women were taller or tall as men; remains have been found of women that were seven feet tall.
Psychosis such as hysteria which is unmanageable emotional excess and epilepsy a disorder in nerve cell activity in the brain coincidentally occurs after the first menstrual cycle. Lack of blood in the body also known as anemia also occurs due to the blood flow being diverted to the uterus; routinely a prodigious amount of blood is in the brain. If the reader hasn’t been persuaded to see that menstruation is a pathological process let’s take a look at further evidence. During menstruation mental abnormality appears; it is said that among the insane in the asylum wards that abnormality from normal mindsets occurs especially during menstruation. Suicidal rates are higher and are almost always accompany during the act. When crimes are committed by women most were found to be on their periods. This mental and nervous disturbance occurs more frequently during leucorrhea rather than before the period begins.
Primary amenorrhea is a condition when teen girls reach the age of twelve and no menstruation is present. According to the American academy of pediatrics women competing in the sports of ballet and gymnastics have been reported to have a particularly increased incidence of primary and secondary amenorrhea. The medical world asserts that amenorrhea needs to be treated and is injurious to a woman’s health. There’s no scientific evidence to support this and clinical evidence is quite opposed to it. Even though amenorrhea may be a result of legitimate hindrance it should be looked upon as a means to regenerate the body and not to be treated as a disease.
Eliminating Menstruation
The author has a very strict health regime in his experience in serious relationships through a change of diet his mates has confessed to a change in their menstruation. The authors’ mates confessed to shorter cycles, less blood, no odor, and no change in nerve and mental normality’s after taking on some of his health regime. Among wild animals periods do not exist only animals domesticated by man have periods; animals have a periodical mating season. Both the Rockefeller institution and professor Evans in the journal of metabolic research implemented experiments on animals that showed that underfeeding of animals caused delays and less days in the estrus cycle. Experiments on animals, too many to name have shown that the regularity of ovulation and consequently estrus is an undeviating role of the diet.
Primitive people have a totally different attitude towards menstruation they see it as a danger to women’s health. Primitive people enforce strict eating regimes during the menstruating periods prohibiting certain foods; chiefly animal foods. A meat diet is a uric acid forming diet which predisposes to hemorrhages during puberty; one of the other causes of menstruations commencement. Meat diets contain too much protein and serve as an aphrodisiac inducing sexual urges. During the famine in France of 1817 many women noted cessation of menstruation. During the world war in Germany cessation in menstruation occurred due to a reduce ration of protein. Low protein diets also have an effect on ovulation. Since the author does not eat meat he noticed less nocturnal emissions occurred and a decrease in libido. Nocturnal emissions are in equivalence with menstruation.
Woman herself is also responsible for her condition of servitude, she has failed to investigate and learn why she should carry this curse and men do not. It would be a great victory for feminist and one that should be at the top of the list for women’s rights to be able to be free from social and economic obligations during menstruation. The facts that are not being measured are that women are under abnormal conditions and ultimatum special requirements such as isolation from males and rest are required. These are great necessities among primitive peoples and every precaution imaginable is occupied to insure they meet those requirements. Today’s primitive women are healthier than civilized women due to these practices. Many of the huts are built in a way making standing almost impossible because sitting and standing positions can cause pelvic hyperemia.

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