Meal Plans

Our meal plans are to educate our clients of the proper way to maintain a healthy body, to lose weight, or if one is interested in becoming a vegetarian, vegan, or fruitarian. Our best nutrional plan is reserved for pregnant women we have successfully assisted pregnant moms in eating correctly, during gestation she will need no prenatals, no iron supplements, no hormonal synthetics, have no high levels of nitrogen, protein or sugar in her blood, she will not bleed after the membrane sweep, the breast will pump more milk and the golden milk, she will not blow up like a house, have swollen feet and ankles, no heart burn or high blood pressure the new born will not experience jaundice, bilirubin, small poxs, sids, or any other so called children diseases. Our nutritional program is sound we are in rhythm with physiological laws. Many diseases and ailments can be cured through diet alone.


Numerology Readings

Our numerology readings are to expand the horizon of your spiritual awareness. The numerology system is used to help you understand your life, it is a self help tool. Our readings offer insight to opportunities, romance, and career choices.

Colon Cleaners

Elimination is more important than feeding. We must keep our colons clean to absorb the foods we digest. A toxic colon is a environment for bacteria, worms, parasites, it also the source of poisoning the blood which causes every disease. We have two Colon formulas to clean the colon , contact us to purchase a monthly cleaning kit.


Health Consultation

Our health consultants access and discuss health issues or symptoms with clients to help them achieve wellness. Consultants may educate individuals about various aspects of natural health and recommend particular methods that will benefit a client, such as juice therapy, colonics, or chakra healing.