Soup does not cure the sick

My grandma use to always say there’s something going around in the air that’s making everybody sick right around winter time, I now knows it was sort of true but it’s not a germ or some virus; its air pollution or the food one consumes. When one has symptoms such as a fever, cough, running nose, or sore throat one believes he/she is sick; but we are already sick. How so? Bad health is being sick, good health is the legitimate and inevitable result of the normal operations of the organs and functions of the living body. Most soups consumed in America are canned, approximately 2.8 billion bowls per year of the three most common soups which are chicken noodle soup (also a dance), tomato soup (tomatoes are good blood cleansers when left in a natural state), and cream of mushroom soup. I loved cream of mushroom soup, I use to use it with my quinoa or as a base for bisque, ending up with those same symptoms we identify as being sick. Soups are primarily made of liquid, the mixing of a liquid and a food is a violation of proper digestion. Liquid washes away gastric juices in the stomach; gastric acid is needed for proper digestion. Remember your parents telling you to chew your food as a child and not to wash it down with water, whether mom knew this or not she was right.
There are several reasons you shouldn’t eat soup from a can. Many food producers make their cans out of aluminum; aluminum leaks contaminating the food causing diseases such as cancer, and have been linked to Alzheimer’s. Any substance that can lead to cancer cells is called a carcinogen. A carcinogen is any substance, radionuclide, or radiation that is an agent directly involved in causing cancer. Studies that have been conducted have shown that toxic metals contribute to brain disorders by producing oxidative stress. Another study conducted on senior citizens showed higher levels of aluminum levels than those middle aged. Many retirement homes daily meals come from canned and processed foods.
Bisphenol A is a chemical produced in large quantities for use primarily in the production of polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins; it’s the plastic coating inside of canned goods. BPA is linked to many health problems such as miscarriages and breast cancers in women, obesity and hyperactivity in children, and prostate cancer in men.
When a pleasure becomes a health risk we seek alternatives to either eliminate that risk or due minimal damage. This leads me to talk about soups from scratch, are they safe? Cooking in aluminum pots is the same as eating soups from cans, aluminum exposure end results are those mentioned in paragraph three. The ingredient for making a soup contains different proteins, fats, starches, acids, and alkalis. Digestion is mainly a chemical process it is not possible for two or more chemical processes to go on at once with any degree of proficiency. Each food contained in a soup would call forth a different type of activity of the digestive glands; the power of the juices varies by food. This means one food may interfere with another, causing putrefaction and fermentation. Putrefaction is the process of decay or rotting in the body. Now you understand why we have body odors. Fermentation is a metabolic process that converts sugar to acids, gases, or alcohol, when converted to alcohol the eater is always in a semi intoxicated state. Recognize this state? It’s that enormous craving of sweets and starches. The disorders rising from fermentation are pneumonia, tonsillitis, appendicitis, and a sour stomach. If the result of eating the soup makes you feel no better, why eat the soup? Any satisfaction of eating a soup when sick is satisfaction of the nerves due to habit hunger. Uncooked foods are the only natural foods and cooking food destroys the natural flavor, my advice is to not consume food at all when sick; employing the fast it will take care of those symptoms.

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