The forbidden fruit


The picture from above should be a dead giveaway for which fruit we are about to discuss.  In genesis, the bible discusses A forbidden fruit that Adam and Eve partook in eating and I’ll attempt to explain its correlation to avocados.  You may pull out your bibles but this is not a sermon, the particular parable has an esoteric message.  If you eat from the tree of knowledge you will surely die, the laws of reproduction and the laws of longevity are restitutory and complementary. Adam and eve after eating from the tree of knowledge realized that they were naked and started to propagate.  The new rises out of the ruins of the old.

Before I break down the significance of the reproductive fluids I shall explain how the avocado causes its loss.  Avocados are used as an aphrodisiac ( All aphrodisiacs are irritants of the genital mucous membrane) by several islanders  in the tropics because they are a passion producing fruit.   That’s right, this fruit increases libido more than the ocean cleaning oysters.  This leads to an excess of sexual activity, nocturnal emissions in men, and loss of hormones in women. Avocados have a high fat content 26 percent of this fruit is fat, the breast milk only contains 3.9 % of fat showing the amount which the creator has subscribed to man.  Consuming the avocado breaks physiological laws and the penalties are mentioned in the previous sentences besides causing ovulation and liver hardship.  The liver secretes bile which digests fats besides lipase an enzyme that digest its own fats in raw foods.  Heated avocados do not have this enzyme so the liver must work even more to digest the fat.

Every organ possesses two powers, fundamental and declension of power.  When any condition exist where the organs require more energy  than usual to maintain its functions impairment of function must follow.  A disease is a development. Functional disease. Simplicity in a diet is a fundamental rule to follow and I have yet to run across anyone who eats avocados alone.  Fats suppresses the secretion of the pancreatic and gastric juices, these secretions are needed to break down proteins which are often on a plate with avocado.

Acidophilus bacillus a healthy bacteria that checks bad bacteria needs a low-fat environment to live in, but the pathogenic bacteria bacillus coli thrives in an unhealthy environment with toxic fats.  Acidophilus bacillus assists in assimilating fruits, botanical fruits, and herbs.  Maybe I should have named this article the forbidden fruits, no one should ever consume conventional fruits spray with insecticides, herbicides, and varieties of pesticides.  These chemicals also destroy the nerves, causes tumours, destroys acidophilus bacteria, attacks the liver and kidneys. The excuse that organic fruits are too expensive is a poor one.  You can’t put a price on healthy.  Apples by the pound are cheaper than most seafood.  An organic meal prepared at home cost about the same as eating out but will serve 3 times as much food.  Eating for pleasure and not physiological necessity  bring forths the ills of society.

Now let’s look at the chemistry of semen.  Semen is albuminous fluid alkaline in reaction, each ejaculation weighs about 5 grams and contains approximately 226 million spermatozoa.  Semen is 90% water and 10% solids.  The ash is 1% when incinerated and contains a large amount of calcium and phosphorous. When evaporated it leaves behind prisms composedly largely of phosphate of lime.  No other organs in comparison show more similarity in their cholesterin, lecithin, and phosphorous contents than the brain and semen.  It should be clear now that nocturnal emissions can withdraw a considerable amount of minerals from the body causing mineral deficiencies.  The thymus gland depends on an adequate supply of phosphorus for normal activity when there is a deficiency in phosphatides due to emissions and overactive ovaries this gland degenerates producing retards during gestation and senility early in life.  Sex hormones have a nutritive function in relation to brain cells and nerve tissue.  These same sex hormones when conserved reenter the blood stream and reinvigorated the whole body. In conclusion is the avocado really worth all the madness ? I asked this question in vain because some people would say yes.


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