The secrets of youth

Has anyone seen Halle Berry at 45? She looks fantastic her skin could be compared to a babies’, it has that glow to it that glow when a woman is in love. What about Sophia Loren the Italian beauty at 77 she looks like she in her early 40’s. It would be common knowledge that both of these women are rich, but there are plenty of women who are rich who don’t look as good. When we say old age we mean decrepitude. Decrepitude is the state of being decrepit, poor health, worn out. Time has no effect on a living organisms, neither does the earth turning on its axis will affect an organism that upkeeps and refurbishes itself every minute of its existence.
Leviticus 17:11 the life of the flesh is in the blood, says the bible and I believe this parable to be true. The chemical condition of the blood depends on the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we consume. The normal flow of normal blood maintains good health, retard the circulation and pollute the blood stream and bad health occurs. Each cycle of the blood leaves behind deposits of some earthy substance from the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we consume, if the air, water, and food contains damaging agents the blood vessels begin to thicken and harden, this limits the amount of blood circulating through the body or received by the organs, soon the organs deteriorate and begin to fail. The biggest difference in old age and youth often unnoticed is the body’s rigidity and density, calcareous earth matter and ossification inside its composition is the cause. Purge the blood of its impurities and the blood becomes the fountain of youth.
John 7:37 If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink. Esoterically Jesus would symbolically mean nature and there are four forms of water that comes from nature, being fruit juices, rain water, snow, and hail. Water harvesting should be more prevalent in American than being supplied drinking water by bottled water companies who are scamming Americans daily. The source of water for most bottled water companies is from the ground, water from the ground contains minerals in solutions that settle in the tissues and cause them to harden. Most companies have some form of purifying process, purification by distillation, reverse osmosis, or ionization. These processes may remove some of the harmful contaminants but purifying processes like reverse osmosis also remove important minerals, calcium, and magnesium. The PH of bottled water is also low which means it is acidic, its dead water. An acid diet builds disease. The main reason I discontinued drinking bottled water was because of the chemicals leaking from the bottle that mimicked estrogen, as a male I rather have high levels of testosterone.
If breathing was a conscious process the reader may not be alive at this moment; it’s an unconscious process, breathing is living. It is not the daily meals consumed by the organism that keeps it alive, as we all know man can live without food for weeks, try holding your breath for seven minutes or less and see what occurs. Breathing supplies the cells with the fresh materials needed to re-integrate/ replacing the cells that dis-integrates. Where does the new supply come from? The blood, the living water. It’s not the blood itself; the blood is the transportation system transporting the gases in the air one needs to live and also eliminating poisonous gases like carbonic acid that would soon cause one’s death. Life is like a struggle for pure air in a polluted civilization. Modern man in his quest to be civil has destroyed perfect correspondence of the living organism with its environment. Breathing should always be a process of purification but our ignorance of what is pure air is profound. The body’s ability to adapt to poisonous air delays a quick death but the warning signs of exhaling polluted air are sneezes, coughs, and headaches.

Matthew 4:2 and when he fasted forty days and forty nights afterwards he was hungry. It took Jesus forty days to become hungry and most of us believe we are starving after a few hours with no food never to even experience true hunger. The rumbling sounds you here in the abdomen does not signify starvation it’s the normal movement of the intestinal tract or gas. We are not hungry, we want to be stimulated due to the habits we have create such as consuming a meal at work for days at 12:00pm, the typical lunch time for American workers. According to a study conducted by the National Institute of Health obese adults have a high risk of dying at a young age. It should be common knowledge that we become obese by too much eating. Over eating shortens one’s life, what is over eating? Over eating is three meals a day with many folks even eating in-between those three meals. Let’s say that each meal is seasoned with salt to provide taste; the same salt that causes decrepitude. Over eating causes the cells to become stagnate and accumulate altering the internal state of the body. Sparring feeding and fasting eradicate and diminish the impurities in the blood. The living temple contains the fountain of youth we have to go no further than that. Man does not die from old age but from degeneration, we gain longevity through eliminating those habits that cause degeneration. Degeneration must be controlled/ and has to be controlled by the blood stream. Polluting the blood leads to somatic death, man is made to live forever.

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