There’s no risk in rapid weight loss if its done by natural methods.

-G. Clements

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Health is not an appearance, it’s a feelingJ. Tolliver

Foods that destroy good health

Potatoes make two glycoalkaloids: alpha-chaconine and alpha-solanine. These are the most toxic glycoalkaloids found in the edible nightshade family. Alpha-chaconine is actually more potent than alpha-solanine. These poisons are usually slow in action and mild in poison but there damaging effects are cumulative increasing within years causing brain damage, enervation, and a habit like craving.

white & wheat breads

The main constitution of breads is starch which predisposes to carbonic acid. Bread fermentation changes the part of the starch into alcohol. Once the process of digestion occurs the gastric juices convert bread even more into alcohol. Breads has little water and absorbs oxygen from the blood as it saturates it with carbonic acid which leads to precipitation of carbon in the cerebral capillaries which obstructs the circulation of blood to the brain. Bread eating contributes to diabetes by overworking the panacreas in converting the starch to sugar using its own enzymes.


Lettuce contains soporific substance called lactucarium, it physically resembles opium and is often used as a opium substitute. Lactucarium is a harmful narocotic alkaloid that was introduced as a drug in the USA back in the 17th century.